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Jan 11 | 2018

The team here at ASC has seen a lot since we opened our doors. While we are primarily known for our complete custom builds, featuring extensive fabrication, massive power output, unique interiors, and a distinctively modern-retro feel, our ability to adapt as needed allows us to serve a greater customer base without diluting our roots.

For example, most of our paint work is applied to classic vehicles. However, we’ve been known to apply this service to anything from an antique Ford Model A to a new Ferrari 458, and virtually anything in between. Got a Corvette that could use some freshening up? Maybe a Jeep that needs some panels re-cleared? How about a lawnmower that needs a new coat, or a vintage race car ready for a new livery? We’ve done all that, and more.

This flexibility extends to our engine work as well. While we certainly can and have rebuilt a myriad of older engines, mostly American, to factory spec, our technicians are able to build powerplants that are capable of producing well over 1,000 horsepower. Witness, for example, the DC Shoes ‘69 Camaro we built for Josh Kalis, or our legendary 1970 “Blackhawk” Firebird. Not only that, but we can offer custom options within each aspect of a build, such as painted or chrome-plated engine trim pieces.

We have team members that can wire just about any electronic system imaginable, a world class upholstery and interior department, and the tools to make dreams come true. Everything possible is kept in house, so we are able to provide the best quality and service. However, none of this would matter much if we were unable to pivot and keep ourselves open to a world of possibilities.

Perhaps nowhere is this more true than with our fabrication. OEM restorations need rust repaired and panels replaced. Let’s be honest, this is Michigan–a whole lot of vehicles need rust repair when they arrive. Mild engine replacements need new engine and transmission mounts. Our big custom builds need all kinds of things, including mini-tubs, spoilers, fender flares, diffusers, hoods, interior dashboards and center consoles, roof alterations, complete new chassis frames, and metalwork of every description. All this is down to our fabricators, which is part of what makes them some of the best in the business.

Keep in mind, at the other end of the spectrum, there are things we won’t, or can’t, work on. Every place has its limitations and its strong points, and we’ve been able to build on our strengths to get where we are today. That said, however, we are proud of our work, as diversified and unique as it is, and we look forward to bigger and better things in the future!